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カテゴリ:Vlad Tepes( 1 )
Interview with Vlad Tepes
This is the interview with French Cult BM-Band named Vlad Tepes and I took this from Black Plague Zin. They don't appear in reality anymore but they did a few times in the past. The proof is below.
Hail Wlad, tell us the revolution of the Black journey of Vlad Tepes.>

This Black journey started with the meeting with our brothers from The Black Legions, So we began the Black War Funeral March. As this War that we’ve declared to this “world” is ending, we mark the returns of the Master and of Chaos.
Vlad Tepes defines itself as a War assembly, as Celts, the War is our destiny.
Thus, we’ll advise all that deserve it to drink our poetry. The most numerous will be the souls that join us, the mightiest will be the Chaos And we’ll take this “world” of worms in our fall, which will be our glory… As the Dead Moon of Chaos, we’ll reign at the Master’s side, celebrating the Twilight of the Black Holocaust!

You seem to be influenced by old Black Metal bands like Venom or Bathory, am I wrong?>

We play a music which is defined as Black Metal. I find normal to play like Venom or Bathory which are the roots of this Cult, too much ridiculed today.
Black Metal is dead now. But we, are we really “alive”? We are the Ones who might procreate such as Art beyond all that conceives this “world”.

What are your relations with this miserable human “world”?>

In spite of their lowness, the few humans I’m forced to coast along unconsciously feel the Dark aura I carry In spite of themselves I am and represent the Master. With all scorn I give’em, those miserable humans know who I am. They always knew it, they respect me. But they won’t be able to escape their worst nightmare. Their futilities won’t never reach their goals!

A lot of ignorant people call you Nazi, what would you say to those pigs?>

That Nazism is feeble compared to our infinite Dark Hatred for this “world”.

Tell us a bit about the split CD with Belketre…>

b0049940_6485246.jpgIt’s the beginning of the March to the Black Holocaust. Or at least beginning of the end for all those worms who thought to belong to our World of Darkness.
It’s a pure masterpiece from The Black Legions, the immortal sons of Satan, warriors of Black Imperial Blood!
It’s the last Black Metal recording this world will bear before its ineluctable end. One more Victory in the Dark War!

How would you like to die?>

I know my Death will take place at the end of our circle, that mean the end of this world. Our souls are forever united.
I’d like to fall asleep my Blood flowing, surrounded by all my brothers who would come with me to join the lands of the Black Holocaust and the Master…
If one day I find a pure soul, it will be mine. We’ll exchange our Bloods which will poison this “world”, then we’ll let our souls empty of human crass be one…
The eternal myth of the Vampire… The Night will be mine…

What do you think of the trend consisting to put keyboards in Black Metal?>

It’s only an artifice used to “Fill” the void of the human music. Filled or not, this voud is always typical of those warms/worms!

If you were 2000 years ago having jesuce Christ in hands, what would you do?>

Hard question. But well considered. I think I’d put a stake in his ass, it would be a far better symbol than a crucifix for the little christians!

What do you think of those feeble trendies menacing to cast spell on us?>

They should take care that their spell doesn’t return on them!

Do you see a future for you? Which one?>

My future on this earth belongs to the finality of the circle. It’s traced till my end which will be the accomplishment of my Dark mission…

What’s your worst nightmare?>

When I was younger, I dreamt that a undefined black shape came and took me. Today this “nightmare” reveals its secrets and when this Black thing takes me, I feel an undescribable lust, an extreme enjoyment… I know this Black thing, my brothers of the Black Legions know it too as we’ll reach our goal for it!

Tell 3 of your dearest wishes.>

1.I’d like to be an entity creating Evil on this earth, torturing those worms with detail, feeding with their fears and blood.
2.Follow my Black journey to reach a state where my soul will control the feeble souls of this “world” to help it ending.
3.Perfect my union with the Night and so with the circle.

Last Words to this world, to humans…>

May those words be the last that many maggots will hear before to return to the void from where they come…
…waiting for the Black Holocaust!

by BURZER | 2006-06-22 06:06 | Vlad Tepes